Invoices - Double charged

Hello,   We are aware of a situation with your invoice's showing two charges for 1 service. We are actively looking into the situation and fixing all the double charges before they are process. Please, there is no need to submit a ticket or cancel your invoice unless your payment method has already been charged.   Thank you, Support Team. Read More »

24th Apr 2022

We had a hardware failure on our server and had to resort to a back-up that was a few months old. There were a few previous members that wanted to Re-Activate their accounts before the hardware failure. The system re-generated invoices, so they can pay the invoice and their account will be Re-Activated. For some reason, the script included your ... Read More »

17th Feb 2022
No Service ?

Hello, If your invoice is up to date and you still have no service after last night please do the following: 1- Restart your router/modem (unplug for at least 5 mins). 2- Restart your device or unplug  for 5 mins as well. if these options still do not bring up the service please log out and log back into the app. Try your subscription ... Read More »

17th Sept 2020
No Email?!

To find your App login credentials. Please log in to your account: Once you are logged in Click on "Services" then "My Services" now on under "Product/Service" as long as the status is "Active" you will be able to get access to your login details for that product by selecting "Service ... Read More »

24th Jun 2019
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