We had a hardware failure on our server and had to resort to a back-up that was a few months old. There were a few previous members that wanted to Re-Activate their accounts before the hardware failure. The system re-generated invoices, so they can pay the invoice and their account will be Re-Activated. For some reason, the script included your old account. We apologize and will refund your account if you were charged. If you don't want to Re-Activate your account and YOUR WERE NOT CHARGED, just disregard the invoice, your account will go into suspend mode and will be deleted permanently shortly thereafter. PLEASE NOTE: We are NO LONGER accepting new members to join the site, and this will be the LAST OPPORTUNITY for previous members to re-activate their accounts. Once an account is permanently deleted, there won't be any opportunity to re-join in the future. Let us know you want to keep the account, or terminate it and give you a full refund if you were auto-billed. Thanks Support

Thursday, February 17, 2022

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